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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

Fishing in early August remains similar to most of July, a slight slow down for a few species, but an up tick for others. A few fronts have made for some fish and dodge times on the water, but overall things good.

Largemouth Bass: Very Good-Good – Can’t miss using Wacky Worms in 8-12’ cabbage. Top water action on Buzz Baits, Whopper Ploppers and Pocket Frogs. Early mornings slower than past weeks, mid-morning thru evenings best.

Smallmouth Bass: Very Good-Good – Seems like fewer numbers this week (could have been just me) but larger Bass in the 18-21” range. Ned rigs of TRD Worms and jig and craw combos best. Drop shotting 3” Wacky Worms or Pin Minnows.

Bluegill: Very Good-Good – Best fish suspended along cabbage or coontail breaks on small leeches, small minnows, worms or thunderbugs. Mini Mites tipped with waxies working too.

Crappie: Very Good-Good – Not so much on #’s but big slabs in the 13-14” range taking Road Runner style jigs worked thru weed tops. Fan cast cabbage (Narrow leaf) in 10-12’ working 2-4’ down.

Musky: Good – Best evening or pre-front. Top-water bucktails and big spinner baits. Water very warm (77-80 degrees) so be quick on your catch and release.

Yellow Perch: Good – Fish outside cabbage edges or sandgrass flats using ½ crawler on 1/8 oz jigs.

Northern Pike: Fair-Good – Reports down, probably due to heat. A 41”er was caught and released on chain recently. These fish respond better as water cools. Spinner baits, chatter baits best choice.

Walleye: Fair-Improving – Starting to see bites moving to weed edges where they had been absent. Besides typical jig/leech or jig/crawler combos, anglers also picking up fish casting #6-#7 shad raps along cabbage edges in 10-12’.

Water temps may have actually crept up this week. Start to watch for some weeds to die back in a couple weeks. Flowages filling back up – not normal for this time of year.

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