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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

Following a very low-pressure system midweek that seemed to have shut down most daytime angling (after dark fishing was noticeably better), things improved by the weekend.

Threats of snowstorms and polar vortex cold never really materialized in what has to be the mildest winter the Northwoods has ever experienced. Ice not building very much up through Jan. 18, but not losing either!

Walleye: Poor/good – Following the mid-week slump, flags started popping better for anglers using the standard tip-up baits. Jigging also improved as eyes got more aggressive. Jigging Raps, Clam Tikka Mino, and Shiner Minnows tipped with a minnow head scored well this past week on fish in the low to mid 20” range (slot fish!)

Crappies: Poor/Good – Mid-week it was nighttime only for the most part - glow jigs tipped with waxies on small minnows. By the weekend, daytime angling improved for tip-down anglers using rosies!

Northern Pike: Poor/Good – Fishing river shiners, goldens, and suckers in the 6-12’ cabbage best. Action improved by weekend.

Bluegill: Poor/Good – Small dark jigs tipped with mousses or waxies. Some larger gills found outside weeds over mud in 12-18’ mixed with crappies and perch.

Yellow Perch: Poor/Good – While still nice, perch are mingled in with smaller fish in weeds (use small lake shiners or medium fats to keep the little ones at bay). Better average fish and fewer little ones plying the mud flats using tip-downs with crappie minnows or wigglers on fast dropping chained spoons!

Largemouth Bass: Poor/Good – While medium shiners on tip-downs are good, some anglers are doing better on small Jigging Raps or Slender Spoons

Despite reports of a truck breaking through on the Willow (the current is always a problem there) ice is getting somewhat better this week with lows in the single digits and little snow cover to help build more ice.


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