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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

As we head into February, with just five weeks of the gamefish season left (closes at the end of the night, March 7th), conditions for ice fishing just keep improving. Not quite so much for the fishing, but that is somewhat expected for mid-winter.

Crappies: Fair-Good – Some tough days on the usual spots – weed beds and Flowages, but anglers plying the deep mud flats of 22-30’ finding willing biters using #5 mm tungsten jigs in glow tipped with waxies or wigglers. Tip-downs with rosies also working. Keep close eye on locator for depths, many times Crappies cruising 3-8’+ off bottom.

Northern Pike: Fair-Good – A few tougher days, probably due to full moon/high pressure. Some big fish were caught (and released!) including a whopping 42 1/2” er. Big shiners and suckers – nothing from the hotdog clan this week!

Yellow Perch: Fair – As with the Crappie anglers, best bites over deep mud flats using wigglers as bait on Venom Core spoons, Clam Bombs and Hali jigs. Mud of 18-28’ has been best. Mid-morning through mid-afternoon.

Bluegill: Fair – Best action in weeds, but best fish out over deep water. Mixing with Perch and Crappies. If you can find deep wood to hold some fish it will up your odds. Tungsten jigs in black, red, purples tipped with mousses or wigglers.

Walleye: Poor-Fair – Best later in evening for short windows. Walleye suckers, lake shiners and river shiners best. Moon phase and high barometer biggest suspect for slowing down bite.

Largemouth Bass: Poor – Very few reports.

While we received a little snow this past week, not enough to hinder travel or ice production. Many lakes sporting 14-20” of ice (good truck travel) and with artic blast forecasted for weekend, should build more.

This coming weekend looks rough but if things warm towards the end of the following week, with a new moon and Valentines, could be worth waiting to take your Sweety fishing.


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