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Minocqua Area Fishing Report - 5/2/22

Here we are (5/2), days from our opener (5/7), and most lakes of any size (800 acres plus) still have ice on more than half their surface area! But don’t despair…Forecasted highs for Wed, Thurs, Fri are in the mid to high 60’s. The ice that is covering our lakes is in very bad shape, most less than 6” and honey-combed and falling apart. Wind shifts are helping to move rafts of ice from shoreline to shoreline, furthering the demise of the ice!

With ice, for the most part, being gone by the opener (Trout, Fence could still be iced). Walleye, Pike and Perch will be in spawning modes. Target warm shallows (at this time of year, temperature of water by just a couple degrees can make all the difference). High skies with a lot of sun will warm temps, but best bites in these conditions are typically low light times of early mornings and at dusk.

If the sun is shining, as forecasted, check the lee side of the lakes with the most sun for Gills and Crappies warming in the shallows. Long cast, so as not to spook these fish, with rocket bobbers and small crappie minnows, tiny tubes or leaf worms could bring some mid-day life to what might be a lull in the Walleye action.

Pond raised minnows (fatheads, suckers etc.) will be in good supply. Wild minnows (redtails, blacks, dace and muds) not running well yet, but could be in better supply come Friday (5/6). Looks like leeches are slowly coming in and crawlers and worms should be in good supply.

Watch our Facebook page for mid-week ice updates.


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