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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

A firm cold stretch with some snow and wind mixed in has marked the arrival of Novemberrrrr!

Skim ice on small ponds is showing and water temps continue to fall. Large to mid-sized lakes reporting surface temps of 41-46 degrees. Smaller lakes below the 40 degree mark.

Musky: Good – Action on suckers always best at this time of year, but deep cranks accounting for some nice fish, as well as, gliders and jerks. Most fish found along outside weed edges of 18-26’. Working windward shorelines of gravel where Ciscos and Whitefish to be spawning also good locations.

Walleye: Fair – The few anglers vying for a last minute Walleye meal doing best on Jigging Raps or vertical jigging gravel hump bases in 22-38’ of water, some deeper. There is usually a decent bite on smaller lakes that don’t have depth up in the shallows at this time of year. Fish the wind and soft bottom shorelines.

Rut in in full swing, as long as you’re not in a “wolf” zone, deer movement has been good.

This week’s cold will continue to push temps down, highs in low 30’s with lows in low 20’s. Next week highs forecasted for low 40’s, but night time temps may neutralize any day time gains.

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