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Minoqua Area Fishing Report

Weather just can’t make up its mind. Temps keep dipping above and below the freezing mark making things difficult for both ice and open water anglers to figure out what to do.

Musky anglers still heading out (Season open thru Thursday 11/30) but not a lot of success. Some landings either froze in or too slippery to launch, but enough opportunity to keep plugging away.

Ice anglers enjoying success where they can find safe ice (3-5” in some bays) Walleye and Perch making up bulk of reports. Some Pike reports. Little on Bluegill or Crappies yet.

We won’t gain any ice this week, but also won’t lose much. This tease – going on three weeks now – has anglers antsy to get on ice. Use caution! Creepers, flotation, ropes and a buddy are highly recommended if you feel the need to try. Otherwise, wait for the next cold snap, water ready to go, just need some cold and a little calm.

Or spend this weekend at the Ice Extravaganza

Friday and Saturday only at Kurt’s

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