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Despite temps in the lower teens to upper single digits, it’s the wind that hasn’t let up enough to allow lakes to freeze.

Some bodies opened up even further during cold/high winds. Fortunately, overnight winds dropped enough to allow some ice formation.

The hourly wind forecast looks as though our best chance to see lakes lock up will be Friday night. If we could get just a couple of hours of windless conditions nearly all lakes should skim over. No temps above freezing in forecast, yet some snow, overall should be in for some good ice making condition in the week ahead.

Phone has been ringing off the hook for ice reports. Best bets – south end of Big Arb, west end of Carrol, Sweeny and portions of the Rainbow Flowage. Lost Lake in St. Germain is also reported as having safe ice, as are some smaller lakes in the Boulder Junction, Presque Isle area.

Use Caution! Take creepers, rope and flotation and a friend!

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