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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

Warm weather plus a free fishing weekend put lots of anglers on the ice! Popular areas got covered with anglers taking advantage of the conditions. Even some less frequented areas had visitors as travel was (get back to that later) excellent!

Yellow Perch: Good-Very Good – Best over mud flats in water of 18-28’. Fast dropping spoons (Pimple, Halis, Flash Champs) tipped with wigglers, red spikes. Nice temps of 20+ degrees allowing for good tip-down use baiting with #14 or #16 trebles and small rosies.

Crappie: Good-Very Good – Overall deep mud and transition degrees in 14-30’ best using tip-downs with rosies or Clam Caviar Drops tipped with waxies. In shallower water, with good cabbage in 7-12’ anglers picking up Crappies slow dropping #8 rockers of white or gold tipped with white or sliver plastic. Euro Tackles Z-Vibe also been a hit in water less than 14’.

Northern Pike: Good-Very Good – Nice catches with anglers scoring well on tip-ups baited with shiners. Suckers also doing well in some areas, but reports of preference in shiners of late. Tip-up rigs with wire and small blade above hook getting best results.

Bluegill: Good – Fiskas and Dudes tipped with moussies, spikes, waxies and dark plastics picking up good action. A few anglers fishing out of the way lakes finding some big Gills, up to 10+”!

Walleye: Fair – Action overall has slowed. But some anglers finding pockets of success using jigging Raps (#5, #7) along transition zones of gravel to mud between 4-5:30 pm. Suckers have been preferred tip-up bait.

Largemouth Bass: Fair-Poor – Despite warm temps, not a lot of Bass reports. Some action on tip-ups with medium shiners, others on small to medium slender spoons targeting Perch in 8-12”.

Following a great weekend, 8+” of snow fell on the area Monday (1/22). This new snow will probably have anglers leaving their ATV’s at home, requiring travel from trucks and snowmobiles. It’s too early to get a report on the ice conditions.

Check our website and/or Facebook page by Thursday for update on travel.

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