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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

Hard to believe that at the end of April we are still getting reports of 24 to 30” of ice on most lakes. Use caution getting out on the North Shores of some area lakes as there is a little bit of water, but once on, the ice is good. Not a bad idea to bring hip boots. South shores could be slushy too.

Fish are starting to move into shallows. Recommend using light weight lines with some finesse to peak their interest.

Crappie: Fair - Slow, fluttering spoons such as Lethal Cecils and Demon Tongues tipped with waxies, Chena or light colored plastics should do well. Minnows on tip-downs or under small bobbers.

Yellow Perch: Fair - As with Crappies, fluttering spoons such as Vinglas, Demon Tongues loaded up with waxies or tip-downs with minnows.

Bluegill: Fair – Tip small rockers, Moon glows or tear drops with moussees, waxies. Also, Little Atom Duppees or J&S Larva mites or Ice mites for plastics.

Could use some warm rain and sun to speed the ice melt along. There are some chances of both reported in the forecast over the next few days and into next week, keep your fingers crossed.

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