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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

With temps fluctuating from day time highs of upper 70’s at times, to night time lows in the 30’s, it has been tough getting a handle on patterning the post-spawn fishing for walleyes as well as the pre-spawn patterns for Crappie. But as the post-spawn habits of Walleyes, on most lakes, is just beginning, thanks to a late ice out, we actually have spawning Walleyes on some of our larger lakes days after Mother’s Day.

Yellow Perch: Very Good – This early spawner is showing up in shallows but with bellys full of wigglers (May Fly larvae) meaning they have moved out to the mud for a while to gorge on bugs before heading to shallows (pay attention Walleye anglers!)

Crappie: Good – Starting to stage up in shallows on warm afternoons. So far a lot of in and out due to cold nights. Small minnows, Gapen Fresh Water Shrimp or tiny hair jigs under small floats in 2-6’ of water.

Northern Pike: Good – Actively taking chubs and fats jigged for Walleyes. Swimbaits, shallow running stickbaits and larger Beetle spins worked over any existing green weeds.

Walleye: Good-Fair – Post-spawn activity in a lull as anglers looking for the fish they had last week not finding much. Walleyes on most lakes have moved out over mud, but should be retuning to shallow weeds as bugs, leeches and minnows fill in around emerging green weeds. On larger lakes, spawning in full force. Chubs (if available), suckers good choice on Lindy rigs, 1/8 oz jigs.

Bluegill: Not much to report.

Largemouth Bass: Fair-Good – Searching warmer shallows with soft bottom muck and emerging weeds.

Lots of clear skies of late have not helped. High temps in 70’s follows by nights in 40’s, and even 30’s, making for shifting fish. The warm shallows (up to low 60’s in some areas) and sun should have weeds growing quickly. Lots of “Nice” weather in forecast.

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