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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

Cool morning and stable weather the past week have been a nice change from the summer heat and rains. Fishing has improved too a bit because of it. Although summer looks to be sticking around still with the forecast calling for upper 70’s – low 80’s this week.

Musky: Good-Very Good – Top-water continues to produce fish. Baits that make a lot of noise like the Whopper Plopper or Topper Stopper are good choices. Spinnerbaits and bucktails have also put fish in in the boat over weed flats. We’re having more reports of Muskies taking small to medium sized suckers as well.

Northern Pike: Good-Very Good – Inline spinners, chatterbait and spinnerbaits have all been a good choice for Pike. Work these baits over weed beds. Suckers and chubs have also been producing some good size Pike too.

Smallmouth Bass: Good – Gravel humps and sandgrass flats are good areas to fish right now. Ned rigging and drop-shotting Chompers worms or 3” Gulp Minnows are good bets for these areas. Reports of nice Smallies 4 to 5 pounds being reported.

Largemouth Bass: Good-Fair – Wacky rigging, Ned rigging and Texas rigging are all catching fish. Just slow down your presentation, cooler nights and mornings are making the Largemouth not as active as they were in August.

Crappie: Good-Fair – Plastics, such as tubes, twister tails and Crappie thumpers are good choices. Small fatheads under a slip float will get the job done as well. Work the top sections of weeds at the deepest point before breaks. Early morning and evening are best times.

Yellow Perch: Good-Fair – Worms, small fatheads and frozen softshells are all getting Perch to hit. Look for cribs 8-14’ of water and drowned wood.

Bluegill: Good-Fair – Clear weather the past week has helped improve the fishing. Look for Gills suspended off weed edges in 12-16’ of water.

Walleye: Fair – Bluebird skies this week has made it tough on fishing. Though a few Walleye being reported. Fishing early morning or after dark is your best bet. Fathead, chubs and crawlers are taking fish. Drop offs 12-18’ of water and after dark look for the Walleye to be in 8-12’ of water.

Hasn’t cooled enough yet to see significant color change. A couple of trees here and there for now. Bring your sun screen if you are headed out this week.

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