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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

It’s been hot and muggy, leaves and grass are green, people jumping off the dock for a swim to cool down, you would think it’s July. It’s September though, archery season just opened this past weekend, football is well into swing, but you couldn’t’ tell by going outside. Water temperatures are in the low to mid 70’s. In all my years of guiding I have never seen the water this warm, this late. The fishing though, continues to be fairly decent.

Musky: Good-Very Good – Even with the warm temps, I’m hearing more and more fish being caught on suckers. Top-water has also been an effective choice, Whopper Ploppers, Top Raiders are good bets, throw these baits early morning, late in the day or after dark. Bucktails over cabbage is another good option that has been putting fish in the boat.

Northern Pike: Good-Very Good – Weed beds and edges are holding Pike right now. Small bucktail spinners like Mepps #5, spinnerbaits and chatterbaits, anything that gives off a lot of flash and vibration are triggering these fish to bite. For larger fish, try using suckers or chubs rigged under a float.

Smallmouth Bass: Good-Very Good – Fish have been coming from 6-13’ of water and along the first break. Plastics like tubes, Ned Rigs and grubs are taking some pretty decent fish. Fish still aren’t in their fall pattern and fish are scattered. Good fish in the 4#+ category continue to be reported.

Largemouth Bass: Good – Weed edges are good locations to find fish right now. Texas rigging creature baits, Ned Rigging and Wacky rigging have been good bets.

Crappie: Fair-Good - Best bites are still coming early morning and late evening. Small 1” tubes or small twister tails are good search baits to find schools of Crappies. A slip float with a small fathead minnow is another good option to finding fish.

Yellow Perch: Fair-Good – If you can find deep wood you should find some Perch. Worms, minnows, softshells and mini-mites are all effective ways to get these guys to bite.

Bluegill: Good – Fishing has picked up a little bit with the warmer temps. Better fish are still coming deeper in 12-16’ of water off weed edges. Look for Gills to be suspended. Worms and wax worms are getting these fish to bite. Also try a mini-mite tipped with a waxie for the larger fish.

Walleye: Fair – With the warm water, fishing continues to be slow, though a few Walleyes are getting fooled into being caught. Fish are deep, 22’ down to 26’ is where fish have been coming from. Jigs tipped with a crawler, chub or fathead are getting some of these fish to bite. Jigging Raps, Slab Raps and shiver minnows are good choices too.

Fall is coming, the 22nd to be exact, and the weather is coming too this week. Low 60’s for highs forecasted and 40’s at night, this should help to cool off the warm waters. Hopefully a turn in the weather mid-week will get us back to a more fall like pattern. With all the rain down in the south/mid-state, our flowages are high (Rainbow up 8’ in two weeks) and warm. Not what we are used to.

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