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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

Weather wise, the last weekend of October felt like mid-October and not like the early December feel of the week prior. Unfortunately, despite milder weather, anglers seem to have given up on the open water season for the most part. Surface temps actually rose a couple of degrees on average (43-45 degrees), though coming weather will probably drop them again.

Musky: Very Good-Good – During the week action best on suckers, not as much activity, but good enough for the higher rating. By weekend fishing slowed some, still moving fish and some takers on suckers, glide baits. Note: with colder water expect a lighter sucker bite (by feel), cold water/cold fish, slower, more deliberate bites, the “rush” doesn’t seem to be there, get a good “angle” before hook set.

Walleye: Fair-Good – A few more reports as conditions were easier to take (a lot less wind). Slow jigging and Lindy rigging. Large fatheads for most lakes. Walleye suckers for larger, deeper fish.

Few reports for other species.

With lows in upper 20’s and highs in lower 40’s, shorter sunlight, expect lakes to slowly continue to cool. Pond had skim ice last week, but gone now. Fishing pressure light. Most public piers have been removed, so bring knee high boots for launching.

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