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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

The cold has come to the Northwoods and winter’s icy grip is not far behind!

Temps in the teens have helped push lakes from a surface high of 40 degrees down to just about ready to get solid! The pond behind our shop froze up Friday (11/9) and typically that means 7-10 days till Lake Minocqua locks up. Some bays already skimming over.

Musky: Good-Fair – Not many brave (read:crazy) souls ventured out last week due to high winds, low temps and generally miserable conditions! What few anglers did try had best results on suckers as the bite was sluggish, with fish just “mouthing” suckers.

Little else to report as few anglers to report from. Rut still going on, so our early deer opener should go well. Four-six inches of snow on ground to improve visibility.

Watch our social media sites for ice reports as these night time temps in low teens will start freezing things up.

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