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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

Still with the Winter??!!

Snow and bitter cold last week kept anglers off the ice. A reprieve on Fri-Sat (3/8-3/9) gave a window of opportunity, though some didn’t take on Saturday with threat of more snow.

For those who ventured out (by foot, snowmobile or tracked UTV) fishing wasn’t half bad. Four teams of Highschool ice anglers found very good Bluegill and some Crappies. Other anglers reported similar success in areas they could get to.

Bluegill: Good-Very Good – Despite mobility being so hard, anglers found Gills on the mid-sized to larger lakes taking waxies and spikes. Weeds of 7-10’ were key. Nice Gills of 7-9” over the weekend.

Crappies: Good – Jigging with small spoons (Lethal Cecils, #2 pimples or #8 rockers tipped with waxies or beaver tail baits best. Minnows working, but putting out set of tip-downs tough.

Perch: Fair – Anglers, for the most part, not getting to areas Perch holding (deep mud flats). Those that do, catching nice eaters of 8-10” on Hali jigs tipped with wigglers.

Tough to predict what week will bring. Warm up mid-week (40’s for three days) should knock down some snow, but rain could make things messy.

With two feet of ice still on lakes covered by two feet plus of snow, temps back in 20’s-30’s next weekend, our ice will remain for a while.

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