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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

Warmer temperatures and easier travel (by foot) has brought more anglers out to do some late season ice fishing. Snow pack has gone down on lakes, with the exception of southern shores where the sun doesn’t hit the snow to melt it down as fast. There is still plenty of ice, reports vary from 20” to 25”+. Bring your ice creepers, it can be very slick in spots. There are areas where standing water and slush is present though. A few people are going out with ATV’s and snowmobiles, but we’re not recommending it, once you hit a slushy spot and get stuck, it’s very difficult to get your machine out.

Bluegill: Very Good – Plenty of good reports of Gill catches this weekend. Anglers were finding them in the weeds from 7-12’. Waxies and spikes were working the best. For the bigger Gills, tip your jig with plastics to keep the smaller ones off the hook.

Crappies: Good – Tip-downs tipped with minnows and jigging with small spoons are a good combination to finding and catching Crappies right now. Small pinmples, rockers and Lethal Cecils are all producing well tipped with a minnow, minnow head or waxie. Best times are early morning and at dusk.

Yellow Perch: Fair-Good – If one’s willing to walk a little bit, Perch are coming on mud flats 15-20’ of water for larger fish. Wigglers are really working well this time of year. Pound your jig in the mud to stir up the bottom to get the Perch’s attention.

Warmer weather and a few rain showers are predicted for the week. We’ll be updating, or feel free to call, for changing ice conditions. We should still be ice fishing for a little while though.

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