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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

Last week Thursday and Friday fishing started to get really good. Crappies turned on and anglers were doing very well. The weekends weather pattern with high winds and cold, though, slowed fishing down a bit. Though the forecast this week looks to get warmer and warmer which will turn the pan fishing on again. Ice conditions remain good. Bring your cleats though for some spots.

Bluegill: Very Good – Small tungsten jigs with plastics tipped with a spike have been taking the bigger Gills as of late. Fish were found in the weedy areas from 6–12’

Crappies: Good-Very Good – Anglers were finding fish in the 6-12’ mark with weeds. Tip downs tipped with small fatheads or rosies produced well. Jigging small spoons like Lethal Cecils or Flash Champs tipped with a grub, minnow or minnow head all produced well.

Yellow Perch: Good-Very Good - Larger fish were coming off of deep mud flats. Wigglers seemed to produce the best for live bait, though grubs and minnows also produced a lot of fish. Remember to pound your jig in the mud to stir up the bottom to attract fish.

Get out while you still can, rains forecasted the end of the week and temps pushing the 60 degree mark. We’ll keep everyone posted if ice conditions change, but as of now they are really good.

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