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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

Ice is still here (4/15)! Following last week’s storm (another 5” of snow), the melt down has slowed.

Anglers still drilling 17-22” of ice. Crusty snow from the storm will be gone in a few days and the sun (or rain) can start working on what’s below. Meanwhile…the warming waters from below plus trapped water in the ice is making for soft, porous “punky” ice. Use caution at landings and old holes.

Crappies: Very Good-Good – Bite not hot all the time, but when it is minnows on tip-downs have been aces. At other times, finessing with #8 rockers tipped with white, pink, yellow plastics helping anglers with some fine catches of 11-13” fish. 8-12’ standing weeds best.

Yellow Perch: Very Good-Good - Working their way into shallows, fat, pre-spawn Perch, setting up amongst weeds in 6-9’, have been feeding well on whatever anglers are offering (minnows, waxies, etc.). Use larger baits to target larger fish, be ready to sort.

Bluegill: Good – Winds kept most Gill anglers from hole hopping, so participation was down. Nice catches using small dark jigs tipped with spikes or dark colored plastics.

Forecast for 50’s mid-week followed by rain (1-3”?) means ice will deteriorate quickly. Nice weather for Saturday and Sunday may be the last chance for safe ice as the following week’s forecast is loaded with rain!

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