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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

Opener is days away (May 4th) and anglers are chomping at the bit to get out on some soft water to fish Walleyes, Pike and Largemouth Bass. Can they, is still a question. Many lakes in the Northwoods still have ice but its pulling away and melting, just not fast enough to make us all comfortable.

Lakes that are smaller, darker and have some sort of current are open completely. Larger bodies, and lakes with clear water are holding to its ice.

Temps aren’t forecasted to warm up till Fri/Sat, but rain on Wed (5/1) will also help.

There will be fishable lakes, even portions of the Flowages will be fishable. Anglers can expect to find pre-spawn, spawn and even some post-spawn action depending on the water they are on.

Wild bait will be near impossible to find, but pond raised fatheads and suckers will work on jigs, as well as, casting shallow running stickbaits such as Rattlin Rouges and #9 Floating Rapalas.

Keep and eye on our FaceBook page for further ice out developments.

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