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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

Opener has come and gone. Not an overly memorable one, but better than last years and enough opportunities to give anglers a chance to get the boats and lines wet.

Most focus is on Walleye for the opener, Northern Pike and Largemouth Bass are barely noticed. Conditions were good as far as timing – ice just out, Walleyes spawning or just finishing up – but opening day was a little too beautiful for most Walleye anglers.

Walleye: Good – While some anglers reported hitting their spots just right, for many, opening day was a hot start, but spotty day once mid-morning arrived. Jig and minnow combos ruled the weekend, as most anglers plied the gravel/rock areas searching for spawning and post-spawn Walleyes. Some success from anglers casting shallow running stick baits and swim baits. A lot of the spawn took place quickly due to the late ice out. Overall, not an easy opener, but a successful one.

Northern Pike: Fair – Reports got better by Sunday into Monday. Most action from the jig/minnow crowd.

Largemouth Bass: Fair – Just a sprinkling of fish showing up in the shallow, dark bottomed bays.

Crappies: Fair

Yellow Perch: Fair

Bluegill: Fair

A hiccup mid-week as temps fall, but don’t expect things to be all bad. Walleyes recovering from spawn should be hungry soon, moving into shallows to feed. Don’t discount deeper mud though, stomachs of Walleyes caught in 14-17’ mud held wigglers (Mayfly larvae) and small leeches. Shallow fish and small Perch in their bellies.

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