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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

Summer’s making another comeback this week, as warmer weather is making a push into the Northwoods. Water temps have creeped up a few degrees from low-60’s now to mid-60’s. this is stalling the fish’s mind a bit to get into their fall routine, but good fishing can be had to those willing to target certain species.

Musky: Good – We’re starting to get reports of Muskies coming in, not many huge fish, but a lot in the low to mid-30” range. Top-water action has been good, 190 Whopper Ploppers, Top Raiders and Topper Stoppers have been producing fish, as well as the old stand by Bucktails and spinner baits. Most reports are fish being caught fairly shallow from 4-8’ of water, shallow flats and inside weed edges are the best areas to search them out. A few more reports are showing up on small to medium sized suckers.

Northern Pike: Good – Pike are showing up in just about the same area as the Muskies are, shallow weedy areas. Bucktails and spinner baits are both producing well.

Largemouth Bass: Fair-Good – Deeper water has been the key the past few weeks for finding the Largemouth. Creature baits and Power Worms Texas rigged have been taking Bass, as well as drop shotting a Wacky Worm.

Smallmouth Bass: Good – Some real nice fish being caught this past week. Deep gravel humps have been the ticket. Drop shotting has been landing fish. As well as Ned rigging a Crawz.

Crappie: Fair-Good – Anglers are starting to get into a few Crappies. I’ve been hearing a lot of you will pick up a few fish in one spot and have to try another, then another to get a meal. They just aren’t all schooled up yet.

Yellow Perch: Fair – If you can find deep wood, that seems to be the best bet to find Perch. Pinched crawlers and minnows are both producing.

Bluegill: Fair – Not a lot of people fishing for Gills right now, but those who are, are finding them in 14-18’ of water, worms and small leeches are producing fish.

Walleye: Fair – Not many consistent reports, and reports are coming in all different depending on the lake you’re fishing. Deeper lakes, fish deeper 18-30’, crawlers, chubs, fatheads, suckers have all taken a few fish. For the shallower lakes, look for green cabbage weeds, work these areas with the same style of live bait on a light weedless jig.

Cooler weather shouldn’t be far away, as well as the better fall bite. Water just has to cool off a bit.

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