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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

The fall of 2019 will be remembered as the Musky Season of NO SUCKERS! Last winter’s heavy snow wiped out the commercially raised suckers from Minnesota. Record high water has made seining wild suckers near impossible. Yet Muskies still to be caught!

Musky: Good-Very Good – Where and when available, suckers scoring well (as are the rare Brook Trout, more on that at the end of this report). Yet as is usual, gliders, jerks and twitch baits, as well as, large rubber baits popping nice fish. Most fish coming from 12-20’ of water outside weed edges or over drowned wood. Plenty of high 30” to mid-40” fish reported with fish to 48” mid-week.

Crappie: Good-Very Good – Weather permitting (been windy most days) lots of big slabs in the 13-15” range coming in on medium-large fatheads under slip-floats in 14-18’. Jig and minnows also working, but on most days too windy to get good feel.

Walleye: Good – Deeper has been better as evidence of a 31” giant caught jigging large chubs in 32’ or water. Look to soft bottoms at the edge of gravel slides.

Northern Pike: Good – Best on live bait, big chubs etc. Deep edge of weeds in 12-16’.

Due to a scarcity of suckers, it was discovered that live Brook Trout, hatchery raised and proof of origin required, can be used as bait. First foray – 6 hours no takers, second outing, a fat 39 ½” er. Another angler reported a 37 & 41“, while local guide, Jake Smith boated a 32” Pike on one. Expensive, but beautiful bait. Very lively, a little tougher to rig, but so far, a decent alternative when the suckers fountain dries up.

Water temps averaging 46-49 degrees, don’t see them falling much this week. Participation on the lakes falling off as usual for this time of year, still some good Musky fishing to go.

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