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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

Last week’s rain only caused a little deterioration of the surface ice that had formed. For areas that were fishable, good safe ice remained. Weekend’s weather, though above freezing for a small time, was not enough to mess up ice, but not enough cold to build more ice.

Walleye: Very Good – Fish in as little as 5-7’ on shiners on tip-ups as well as jigging Raps, Slender Spoons and Slab Raps. Early ice fish aggressive and starting on some lakes by mid-afternoon moving on ‘til & thru dark. Fsh of several year classes (sizes) with plenty of “eaters” (15-19”) and lots of “slot” fish of 20+ being caught and released. 26 ¼” weekend’s best C&R!

Northern Pike: Good – Large shiners or chubs best bet under tip-ups in 4-8’ cabbage.

Whitefish: Good – (Boat angling only!) In 30-42’ using pimples or Northland Forage Minnow jigs.

Perch: Good – Most anglers finding good numbers in shallows on small minnows or Forage Minnow Fry (shaped like Bluegill) in 4-8’.

Musky: ??? - A few anglers working remaining open waters (Trout, Pres Isle) but no reports here from the sucker soakers.

Threat of snow this week could put a kibosh on our early ice season. With 5-7” of ice on the most well used areas, not sure how much weight our new ice can uphold. Reports vary from forecast of 4-24” of snow. Until it arrives, we have no idea. Following weeks cold could help, but not if too much snow.

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