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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

Previous week’s snow put caution in the minds of ice anglers throughout the Northwoods. Where snow fell on existing ice (5-8” ice), ice still good, but sloppy with slush depths of 5-7”. New ice formed after the last storm, over deeper parts of lakes, had a solid 2 ½ - 3 ½” of firm ice.

Bluegills: Good – Most anglers concentrating on the old “reliable” bays where ice thickness runs 6-8” but had to deal with slush on tip. The 5-8’ depths with green cabbage was giving up some good action with enough larger (8 ½ - 9 ½”) Gills to make things interesting. #10 lead teardrops tipped with waxies worked fine.

Northern Pike: Good – Not many tip-up anglers ‘til the weekend. Largest shiners and suckers to be found worked best. 6-9’ green cabbage.

Crappies: Good-Fair – Crappie minnows on tip-downs, slow dropping gold rockers tipped with pink or chartreuse plastics best.

Perch: Good-Fair – Lots of smaller Perch, yet some “eaters” on gobs of waxies on forage spoons or #2 pimples in shallow flats

Walleye: Fair – Mostly due to lack of participation until Friday night, though several reports of larger fish (26, 27, 27 ½”) caught and released by tip-up anglers.

As of this report (12/9/19), its snowing with forecast of several inches of new snow possible. Hopefully this dryer, lighter snow will blow off lakes and allow the coming cold snap (negative teens at night) to dry up things and build good ice for this coming weekend.

Give us through Thursday to get fresh reports. Check out our sites on Friday for updates.

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