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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

The Lakeland area was spared the snow storm that hit the southern part of the state this past Saturday! Held off by a very high-pressure system that also seemed to put the bite at bay.

Those high barometer readings Fri/Sat took their toll as anglers reported a near shut down of action. By Monday (1/13) things appeared to pick back up as clouds moved in and barometric pressure started falling. Two nights of light snow have put a new cover on the lakes that have been getting firmer thanks to last week’s cold.

Northern Pike: Poor-Good – Once conditions improved by late Sunday afternoon, Pike action picked up through Monday. Typical tip-ups with big shiners or suckers in 8-13’ of water.

Crappies: Poor-Good – Following the weekend of tough fishing, this species popped back into action taking Fairy jigs, Little Cecils and Rembrandts on the drop tipped with waxies or Beaver Tail. Minnows on tip-downs were also effective as Crappies seemed to finally find an appetite.

Yellow Perch: Poor-Good – Following suit, Perch action improved, anglers using Z-vibes and K-Raps and Northland Forage Minnows in the small panfish shapes, tipped with waxies doing well on numbers of 9-11” Perch over mud or sparse weeds in 10-15’.

Bluegills: Poor-Good – As bite improved, Gills actively taking Flirty Girtys, Clam Dingle Drops and Fiska Tungsten to deliver dark plastics, mousses or spikes to Gills holding 1-2’ off bottom in 8-14’.

Walleye: Poor-Good – Bite went from zero to hero by Sunday night, (though most of us were chewing on our fingernails at home while watching the Packers!) Suckers along outside weed edges 1 hour before dusk. Jigging Slab Raps and Rippin Raps also picking up Walleyes Monday night as bite improved.

Never a fan of full moon daytime fishing, but this past weekend was very tough. Hopefully, as this week progresses and small fronts seem to move through, the bite will improve and stay better.

Ice thickness and firmness seemed to improve, the cold and wind last week let things dry out and slush conditions have improved. 12-15” of “assorted” ice (6-7” grey, 1-2” water, 6-7” solid) but holding ATV’s and snowmobiles up well. Even some areas of Rainbow improving thanks to cold.

Ice Fishing Events

Jan 18th – 2nd Annual KISS High School Ice Fishing Tournament (Highschool Teams Only)

Jan 18th – Iceholes of the North – All Lakes Welcome – Register fish at Retreat Bar - Presque Isle, WI

Feb 1st – Kids Ice Fishing Day – Big Arbor Vitae Lake @ Mielke Bay

Feb 15th – 4th Annual Rob Lemmer Memorial – Lake Katherine in Hazelhurst

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