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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

Here it is the end of March, never thought the ice would last this long, but there are lots of other things going on in the world we wouldn’t have thought either.

This report is for those in the area, social distancing, but still looking to get out in the warming temps and enjoy the outdoors. There is still ice, with 12-15” still on the lakes, the panfish are still biting. We did hear of an UTV going through the ice on the Rainbow, with dropping water levels, Flowages not a safe choice. Starting Thursday, when highs are forecasted to be into the 50’s for 5 straight days, expect conditions to deteriorate quickly.

For those not in our area, its not that we don’t want you here, our area’s economics depend heavily on your visits to help keep our businesses afloat. We are here because you come here! But for now, due to our undersized health facilities, the health of our residents, as well as your own, we ask you to stay at home until a cure for the virus can be found.

I know for myself; I love being part of a profession that helps to share the outdoors with so many visitors each year. Our lakes, woods and streams will still be here to share with all of you when this passes. Let’s do all we can to ensure we can all get out and share this together when it does.

Please no harsh post or comments, they aren’t needed, they won’t change anyone’s minds. While we still are doing a curbside business for those wishing to do some, we are cutting hours and staff and doing all we can to safeguard our customers, staff and vendors.

I know that myself and those of my staff of faith are praying for an end to this disease. I hope you’re praying with us.

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