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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

Not so much of a Fishing Report, more of a Status Report on fishing here in the Lakeland Area.

While most know by now, Wisconsin’s “stay at home” order has been extended through the 26th of May. State campgrounds are closed through April 30th. Here in the Lakeland Area, boat landings remain open.

Guiding is considered Non-essential (except for those of us that do it for a living), so unless otherwise notified, we won’t be taking any bookings for trips between now and May 26th.

It is NOT legal to operate a motorized boat on the Michigan side of any Michigan/Wisconsin boundary water (i.e. Cisco Chain, Michigan side). So know where you are at all times when fishing this area, until the stay at home in this state is lifted.

We will be setting up our shop to open, for a limited number of customers at a time, here shortly. We have remained open for curb side business with the OK from our local police chief and on the premise that our business was deemed essential due to ammo sales.

As we know, things can change day to day. This report was written on 4/21/20. We will try to keep you updated.

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