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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

Late May cold front put the brakes on the area fishing this past weekend. Temps into the low 30’s with frost warnings can do that. Fishing that was great for many anglers Wed/Thur took a turn by Sat/Sun. Good news is warm weather already coming back.

Bluegill: Very Good-Fair – Gills flocked into shallows, but pulled out with cold. Best on small leeches, worms, Mini-Mites and waxies. Gills moved back out to 4-6’ depth with chill, but expect to find them back in shallows by mid-week.

Smallmouth Bass: Very Good-Fair – Bedding starting on some lakes. Where committed, males guarding nest hitting 3 & 4” Wacky Worms and Ned Rigs as well as muds and large – XL leeches. Others still at staging hitting lipless cranks and X-Raps.

Yellow Perch: Good-Fair – Schools of Perch were being found in relatively shallow water (3-6’) taking thunderbugs, medium leeches and medium fatheads until cold broke up schools and pushed them out. Check shallows again as water warms.

Largemouth Bass: Good-Fair – Slowed with cold. Prior to, fish warming shallows using floating Rapalas, TRD Ticklers and 3” swim baits on light jig heads.

Northern Pike: Good-Fair – Bite best on live chubs or suckers as fish got neutral. Some action on 4” swim baits.

Walleye: Fair – Colder temps slowed weed bite. Leeches best in 8-12’ cabbage over weekend. Prior to, same fish in 3-5’ cabbage.

Crappie: Good-Fair – Spawn over. Anglers were finding some shallow males in places, but gone by weekend. Use minnows when bite tough. Back to swimming small jigs with tails as water warms.

Musky: Fair After such a great opening weekend, time for these fish to rest a little I guess. Not as much action, but still some high 30” to low 40” fish reported on wizards and small twitch baits.

Big, fast storm blew in mid-day (6/1) followed by warmer air. Surface temps that fell 10-12 degrees over weekend should start to get back into the low/mid 70’s from the low 60’s they fell to.

Smallmouth Bass will be going strong this weekend. Remember to let these fighters go – besides season doesn’t open until the 20th!

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