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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

As June is coming to a close, most variables for fisher people are behind us also. Should be a steady time during July to pattern fish. Most all hexogenia (Mayfly species) have hatched, most bedding concluded or finishing up, and water temps typically have a slow, warming incline from here on out. Despite that, God gave fish fins, so they swim about and don’t always stay put. Personally, a hot bite I had on Thursday was nonexistent Friday so I had to go searching again!

Largemouth Bass: Very Good – Inside weed lines, pockets in cabbage. Pitching creature baits, Wacky worms and 7” Power worms Texas style. Chatter baits and pre-rigged plastic worms over cabbage tops. It’s the right time for top water action using Hula Poppers, Jitterbugs, Plastic Frogs, Spiders and tail baits such as Whopper Ploppers! Surface temps in the low 70’s and climbing should provide lots of early and late top water action.

Walleye: Good – Hard to pin down day to day, gotta keep moving to stay on…. Mornings, afternoons using leeches on 1/16 oz weedless jigs in 7-10’ cabbage and coontail edges. Flowage Eyes in 14-17’ wood. Evenings on off shore humps taking XL leeches, crawlers or chubs – after dark bite good on XL leeches below lighted slip-floats.

Crappie: Good – Work weed tops of 8-12’ depth using Gapen Freshwater Shrimp, 1” Twister tails or Mini Mites below small floats or just “twitching” or “shivering” in place. Same with a 1/32 oz jig and minnow.

Northern Pike: Good – Action on bladed baits (bucktails or spinner baits) chatter baits and 4” swim baits. When morning action slows, soak a sucker or chub late morning. 39 ½” C&R this past week, more reports of low 30” fish being caught.

Bluegill: Good – Small leeches, thunderbugs, worms in shallows. Fly fishermen doing very well with poppers in the evenings

Smallmouth Bass: Good – Anglers twitching X-Raps, Husky Jerks in 10-14’ finding active, suspended fish. Evening around docks and trees in water on top water. Coontail edges of 12-18’ using Z-Man Ned Rigs or drop shotting 3” Gulp Minnows.

Yellow Perch: Good – Most Perch caught while fishing other species in weeds of 8-12’ using minnows, leeches, crawlers.

Musky: Good – Good reports coming from anglers using top water baits and large spinner baits. Still a few catching Skies on suckers (guide Jake Smith with 2 last week), but with water temps rising, keeping sucker alive may get tough!

Looks to be a hot 4th of July weekend coming up, as well as dry (If forecasters can be believed…my girlfriend still believes in weathermen…how cute!) Temps almost to 90 degrees

will probably require very early and very late prime time due to heat, sun and boaters.

Have a Great & Happy 4th of July America!!

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