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Minocqua Area Fishing Report - 10/31/22

While parts of October were down right cold and nasty, the last week of the month, while cool, was rather mild. Maybe too mild. High pressure system hanging over the area seems to have stymied what was a good Musky bite.

Musky: Good-Fair – With surface temps rising a bit and high pressure, bite got tougher than previous week. Weed edges of 14-17’ were better than the deep rock humps as expected. With the reluctance to chase, suckers were key to enticing bites. Mid-mornings and later afternoons (close to dusk) were best for moving fish on jerkbaits and gliders.

Walleye: Good-Fair – Finding fish stacked along transition areas or over mud flats didn’t always relate to bites. Eyes seem frustratingly tight lipped at times. Work medium sized redtails or black chubs on 1/4 - 1/2 oz jigs. Fish depths depending on deepest parts of lake. Most in 28-42’, yet up towards Presque Isle 50-60’ not too deep. Short, soft hooksets and slow reel these fish, very dangerous once you’re deeper than 26-28’ on fish. Work #9 Jigging Raps or #3 Shiver Minnows to pick off the aggressive fish.

Crappie: Good-Fair – Look deep over soft bottoms for Crappies. Drop shotting large fatheads and even small chubs successful over these mud pockets. On Flowages, wood still key, yet fish are scattered and roaming unlike on lakes.

Smallmouth Bass: Good-Fair – If you can find schools stacking along gravel slides of 24-38- try drop-shotting 3-4” chubs or suckers.

Yellow Perch: Good-Fair – Few anglers targeting, but some reports of anglers finding where bright green weeds exist in 8-10’. Use 1/2 crawlers or medium fats.

We have a mid-week high forecast of 60-65 degrees. Nice for the Crappie/Perch anglers. Weather moving in for Friday-Sunday (11/4-11/6) should be good for Musky and Walleye anglers. Surface temps averaging 48 degrees on most lakes as moderate temps holding for what looks like good fishing condition for a while.


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