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Minocqua Area Fishing Report - 1/11/22

For those too far south to enjoy this past weekend in the Northwoods, here’s a little update…

Okay already! It’s winter, I get it! Don’t need to be slapped in the face with temps of 17 below and wind chill of 35 below to make a point, I got a calendar.

Bitter cold and high winds kept a lot of anglers indoors and probably glued to their TVs this past weekend. Those hardy (?) souls that ventured out were not well compensated for their efforts. Unless tied to a contest (derby) or a permanent shack available little effort and even less results were reported.

Yellow Perch: Fair – Thanks to one tough couple that reported some “eater” (8-9”) Perch on Sunday (1/9). This remains the brightest of a poor bite. Not talking much (lip frost bite?), but seemed satisfied with what they did find. Prior to cold snap anglers fishing mud in 17-28’ producing some Perch.

Crappie: Poor – Fair at mid-week, but not good conditions for hole hopping. As with Perch, signs of Crappies being more active over deeper water for now. Be prepared to probe same mud flats as Perch being found.

Bluegill: Poor

Northern Pike: Poor – A few fair reports prior to wind and cold making it tough to keep homes from freezing.

Walleye: Poor – Just not much talk this weekend.

The one good thing about this sub-zero cold and high wind is snow cover not bad on lakes and ice conditions to thicken. Average reports are of 12-14”+. Can’t recommend truck travel, but you will see some out and likely to see a bunch by week’s end. Forecast of highs in mid-20’s and decrease of wind makes coming weekend look promising.


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