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Minocqua Area Fishing Report - 1/18/22

Hard to believe the extreme cold from the weekend before last did not improve our travel conditions. Temps in the sup teens did not build ice as expected on many area lakes, in fact slush has become present on a lot of our frozen waters.

Odd, some lakes see truck traffic with 14-15” of ice and good travel. Others, smaller lakes report only 10-12” with slush. Does not seem like too much snow on the lakes. It was dry and windy. But too much for these lakes to take? Springs? Pressure Cracks? One thing for sure, caution still advisable if you’re thinking of taking full sized trucks on the ice, do some scouting first.

Northern Pike: Good – Windows during very early morning and again early afternoon had anglers chasing flags once things warmed up mid-week (1/12). As always, weed related, though some reports of anglers starting to push out into deeper weed lines for larger (28-34”) Pike. Big shiners and suckers best.

Yellow Perch: Good – The mid-winter mud flat bite is improving. Anglers venturing out to mud just outside weed flats in 18-26’ finding active Perch taking waxies, spikes and wigglers depending on their daily mood. Lots of sorting, but enough eaters (8”+) to make effort worth while.

Bluegill: Good-Fair – On weedy flats of 6-10’ schools “pass through” at intervals making it worth the wait. Waxies and mousses on #10 teardrops and 3mm Fiskas in reds, purples, black. Also anglers finding Gills relating to deeper mud, usually larger average Gills. Halis, Pinheads and tungsten with hair tipped with spikes best.

Crappie: Fair – Unless you choose the warmest day to fish, head out to deeper water for early and late bites using glow jigs tipped with waxies or tip-downs with minnows (if not too cold). Keep moving until you locate Crappies hanging 3-10’ off bottom in 20-30’ of water.

Walleye: Fair – Best at low light, pre-dawn or hour preceding and just after dusk. High barometer and full moon probably did not help, but better action than previous weekend. Deeper sandgrass with chubs or suckers best.

Largemouth Bass: Poor – Not many reports, though warmer days best. Target using small to medium shiners on tip-ups if small Perch not a nuisance.

Forecast looks to remain cold next seven days with lows below zero degrees and only two days over teens for highs. As much as we all want truck travel everywhere, still can’t advise, be cautious!

Mid-winter typically sees slow down and sup-zero cold won’t help. Work deeper to find fish if your favorite spot isn’t producing. Punch a lot of holes (weather permitting) and search before you hunker down.


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