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Minocqua Area Fishing Report - 1/25/22

Sub-zero temps, winds and wind chills pushing from -20’s into -30’s has curtailed a lot of fishing activity this past week. Saturday (1/22) may have been the warmest, but winds were very high adding difficulty to angler’s attempts.

Despite the weather, reports from the Lakeland High School Invitational weren’t’ bad. Those anglers competing in the tournament found some fish and made a good showing.

Crappie: Good-Fair – Deep water bites best with anglers finding suspended fish in 18-28’. Tough to chase with high winds, but once found anglers jigging glow spoons tipped with waxies scoring. Been rather windy for tip-downs.

Northern Pike: Fair – Typical mid-winter windows of activity with anglers catching Pike on shiners where standing weeds found in 6-12’.

Yellow Perch: Fair – Work the mud flats at this time of year using fast dropping spoons (Halis, Pimples, Pinheads) to get wigglers or red spikes down to mud. Pound mud to create a disturbance, like other Perch working for Mayfly larvae or blood worms to get interest.

Bluegill: Fair – Weed flat Gills running small according to reports. Better Gills working outside weed edges and over mud where Crappies and Perch working for invertebrates.

Largemouth Bass: Fair – Some decent reports from High School tourney, but overall few other reports. Small to medium shiners best.

Walleye: Poor – Few reports. Those that have caught Walleyes reporting low numbers and small in size. Suckers best bait.

Forecast for Saturday morning (01/29) to be the last sub-zero morning. Things look to improve temperature wise by late Saturday morning with temps in low 30’s by Tuesday (2/1). Hopefully warm up will bring renewed interest from anglers and fish during the New Moon period.

We are finding ice thickness averages of 14-15”.


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