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Minocqua Area Fishing Report - 1/3/23


Following such windy & cold weather leading up through Christmas day, temps and winds mellowed out to provide anglers great opportunities to venture out on the ice. Ice conditions have improved to the point where on many lakes ATV and snowmobile travel is good. Caution is still advisable any place where snow drifts may have insulated the ice from building. Another area of caution has been reported on lakes with springs keeping holes open and shorelines where wind piled ice up.

Northern Pike: Very Good – Lots of action and some very nice fish to 38” reported this past week as flags were flying for anglers using big shiners and suckers on tip-ups in 6-12’ weeds. The mild temps seem to have had more Pike patrolling the shallower beds this past week.

Walleye: Good to Very Good – This very good was mostly due to size as reports and photos of Walleyes “too big” were coming in. Good reports of eaters in the 15-19” range on medium shiners and Walleye suckers along and in weeds as shallow as 6’ to as deep as 12’. The larger fish (slot fish +) have been coming from deeper water. Humps and points of 18-24’ sliding out to deeper basins. Larger suckers and shiners as well as #7 : #9 jigging raps, Hyper Rattles and the larger Tikka Minnows have been very effective! Top catch and release Walleyes reported this week were 27 and 29 inches.

Crappie: Good-Very Good – Most anglers targeting Crappies found their fish in 8-12’ weeds slow dropping Lethal Cecils tipped with waxies or minnows on tip-downs. Other anglers branching out into deeper water finding Crappies in 22-30’ starting to school up. Glow tungsten spoons and jigs tipped with waxies, spikes or minnow heads best. These schools roam. The past weeks mild temps and lack of deep snow on the ice has allowed anglers to look for and follow these schools.

Yellow Perch: Good to Very Good – As with the Crappie anglers, the ability to get out and cover some territory has helped find some nice Perch. Off-shore humps and the saddles between that have sand grass have held very nice Perch. These larger (11-13”) fish have been aggressive when found. Jigging Ultra Light Rippin Raps, #2 Jigging Raps and Kenders 1” K-Rips have provoked hard hits from these Jumbos. Working mud flats with Pimples and Halis tipped with wigglers producing nice “eaters” of 8-10”+ at depth of 14-20’.

Bluegill: Good – Mid-mornings through mid-afternoons in weedy bays of 6-10’. Waxie or spike as well as plastics in purple, motor oil and red have been working. Some larger (9”+) Gills coming from deeper water (18-26’) best early am.

Largemouth Bass: Good – Best on tip-ups baited with medium shiners or jigging #5 Raps or Kastmaster spoons tipped with a minnow head. Nice reports of 14-19” Bass being caught.

Forecast for the week shows some snow for Tuesday/Wednesday (Jan 3rd – 4th). Temps for the week look to top out about 30-32 degrees with colder nights firming up ice so a continued week of mild conditions looking ahead.


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