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Minocqua Area Fishing Report - 10/16/23

At the halfway point of October, conditions are about as normal as we used to see for this time of year. Most lakes have, or are in midst of turn-over. Lake surface temps checked over the past four days have ranged from as low as 48 degrees to a more average 53-55 degrees. This has scattered certain species of fish as is to be expected, other species have picked up the pace.

Due to rough weather, mostly wind and cold, few species were targeted this past week.

Musky: Good-Very Good – The sucker bite is under way in a big way! A recent Musky “challenge” had 40 Musky recorded in one day with 90% of the fish boated on suckers. Jerk baits and jointed cranks scored the rest. With most lake temps running 53-55 degrees, there was still a surprisingly shallow bite, some as shallow as 2-3’. On small, but deep lakes, Skies found suspended 15-20’ down in 25-35’ of water.

Walleye: Fair – Very scattered following turn-over. Be ready to check a lot of spots. Live bait on jigs/Lindy rigs out producing jigging Raps and Shiver Minnows right now. Gravel, rock, mud – depth of 16-35’ or more. Be patient and willing to move.

Crappie: Fair – Wind made holding position tough. Crappies on lakes also scattered. Flowage fish relating to river channel wood.

With forecast of lows in 40’s to highs in mid-50’s should keep lake temps holding into low 50’s. Good enough to pattern some good fall fishing for the next week.

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