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Minocqua Area Fishing Report - 10/18/22

Cold, rain, some snow and lots and lots of wind made the middle of October feel like the end of November here in the Northwoods! Only the hardy (or foolish) willing to suffer the weather. Yet those that did were able to pull off some good catches.

Walleye: Very Good-Good – While the winds made for more than the typical “Walleye Chop”, those who targeted Walleyes, and were able to hold their boats, were rewarded with some pretty nice catches. Deep gravel Walleyes that were stacking up along slides in 28-40’ were hammering ½ oz jigs tipped with chubs or suckers. The heaviest of jigging Raps and Shiver Minnows were needed to hold over fish (and no rod movement needed due to wind). Flowage Walleyes relating to the deeper wood taking chubs or large fatheads.

Crappie: Very Good-Good – While lakes were tough to fish for Crappies holding suspended 4-6’ off bottom along 14-18’ coontail edges (bait constantly blowing into weeds). Out where Crappies relating to wood easier to work with medium fatheads below slip-floats in 9-15’ of water. Nice eaters of 10-12” were abundant with some BIG slabs of 13-15” “picture” fish caught and released.

Musky: Good+ – Action was surprisingly slower than expected, but improved as the week progressed. Jerkbaits, Gliders and large swimbaits worked best for those casting. The “tailed” gliders (Smity Jerk and Phantoms) seemed to key more hits than the traditional baits. Suckers are picking up the better half of the fish being caught. Bladed rigs in this wind have out produced standard rigs and float rigs – but all catching fish. As expected, heavy fall fish, nice size (38-47” +) and good weight.

Those three species were all the reports we gathered for this week. With temps in the high 20’s to low 30’s, water temps fell as low as 48 degrees as of Monday (10/17). Many lakes past turn-over. Forecast for temps in the high 50’s/low 60’s for the weekend should bring more anglers out with far better conditions to fish in.


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