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Minocqua Area Fishing Report - 10/24/23

Working through the last quarter of October. Still a lot of leaves from the birch and poplar on trees giving a golden hue to the landscape. Lake temps have leveled off in the 48–52 degree range. Fishing pressure has been light again as the forecast seems to have kept anglers off the lakes, though conditions once again were not as bad as predicted.

Musky: Good – Not as good as expected for this time of year. Still some fish being caught very shallow (3-5’) using jerkbaits (Suicks) and jointed cranks! While others being found out past existing weeds in 18-30’ of water taking live suckers, heavy gliders (Smitty Dogs) and rubber (Madussa). Not a lot of follows seen or reported. While others were surely caught, largest reported was by Kurt Blaiser of St. Germain with a 48” on a Smity rigged sucker.

Smallmouth Bass: Good-Very Good – While most reports coming from anglers targeting Walleyes, it’s been hard to ignore the reports of Smallies feeding on gravel humps in 18-30’ of water. Most caught on chubs and jigs, but drop-shotting 3” Gulp Alive Minnows, ¼ oz tubes also effective. Though tops was a 6# fish caught on a Suick while Musky fishing.

Walleye: Good – Deep gravel humps and some transition mud best using chubs or large fatheads. Depths of 18 to as deep as 40’. Caution pulling fish over 27+ feet advised. Short hook set and slow retrieve.

Crappie: Fair – Bite slowed as did # of anglers targeting. On afternoons when sun came out, bite improved using medium fatheads.

Largemouth Bass: Fair – Not many, though the few that were caught ran large (17-20”) and heavy. Green cabbage in 8-12’ when found.

Forecast has highs in upper 50’s with rain through Friday (10/27) then falling through the weekend. Lows in the low 20’s with highs from Sunday (10/29) through Tuesday (10/31) to go 38 to 31 degrees. Six cold mornings from 10/28 to 11/2 will bring temps well down into the 40’s by the weekend of November 4th. Time for the (Fool?) Hardy!


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