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Minocqua Area Fishing Report - 11/30/21

Early ice fishing season is upon us! Small lakes and protected bays reporting 3-4+” of good solid ice, prior to Mondays (11/29) snow.

Walleye: Very Good – Evening bites in shallow weeds of 4-6’ of water. Get out early to check ice conditions and set-up. Fish are aggressive early like this, Jigging Raps, Chubby Darters, Rip ‘n Raps, Slab Raps. Shiver Minnows worked at dusk, as well as lively shiners on tip-downs. Work closer to shore (2-4’) if dusk bite fades as Walleyes moving shallow to feed while ice still not very thick.

Northern Pike: Very Good – Shiners, chubs or suckers on tip-ups. Jigging Slender Spoons tipped with a minnow head also producing well. Pike very active, reports of anglers not getting all 3 tip-ups out before having a “limit” of eaters.

Crappie: Good – Also shallow in 4-8’ of green weeds taking small minnows or Little Cecils tipped with waxies.

Caution is highly advisable as larger lakes have yet to freeze, or have not put on safe ice thickness due to wind. Foot traffic only, spud your way out to keep track of ice thickness. Fish with a friend (or Mother-in-law) and let them walk out first. Don’t travel on early ice without picks and rope. Last night’s snow (4” in Minocqua/Arbor Vitae to 8” in St. Germaine) will be hard on new ice. Hopefully, 18 hour period of above freezing temps starting Wed thru Thurs AM will be enough to knock snow down to allow cold to shore up ice thickness.

There are opportunities to fish now, but use common sense when thinking of early ice conditions and always be prepared.


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