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Minocqua Area Fishing Report - 11/6/23

Things seem right on track for a typical November, something not seen for a couple seasons. Colds last week, with a couple mornings hitting 10-13 degrees, produced ice on shallow ponds, bays and shoreline ice on some launces. Most lake surface temps registered as low as 42 to 46 degrees, though one report of 49 degrees on a deep lake with lots of surface area to cool.

Musky: Fair-Good – For this time of year. Action slow, but size better. Fish caught holding more weight than earlier in fall, looking “swoll”! Suckers by far producing the most hits, but even those some times just pick up and drop. Not sure if the tentative hits are due to lack of interest or are they getting slightly educated. Don’t believe Musky have memories like us, but have seen late season fish “corral” suckers for quite a while. Fish with noticeable marks, so I know we had caught a couple weeks earlier, but wouldn’t commit to a November Sucker! Still others grabbing hold. Seems depths of 20-30’ popular for anglers throwing Grandmas, Rubber Baits and big gliders. Some shallow weed fish still being caught on Jerks and twitchbaits.

Walleye: Fair-Good – Not a lot of anglers targeting. Those that are using chubs or suckers along deeper gravel/mud transitions. Drowned wood on flowages holding Walleyes as well

Not much else on the fishing front to report. With the deer rut in full swing, grouse and duck hunting still going on, outdoorsmen’s attentions are divided. With forecast of low in 20’s, but highs in the low 50’s next Tuesday-Friday, don’t expect any ice reports soon. Keep those Musky rods ready.

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