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Minocqua Area Fishing Report - 11/8/22

For the second year in a row, it looks like November will be a better month for big Musky! Water temps averaging 45 -48 degrees as of today (11/8). With conditions over the end of last week not so favorable, we are seeing a lack of angler participation for all but Musky and Walleye.

Musky: Good – Nice fish (42-45”) being reported but few Big Fish. Suckers have been dominate, with some anglers reporting surprisingly shallow fish and lots of bait fish in the shallow water also. While casting into weeds of 10-14’ has brought out fish, hanging suckers in water 20-25’ has been good. Oddly, not deeper than the 25’ range yet.

Walleye: Good – Even this species seems to be shallower on some lakes than expected. While most anglers working 34-44’ doing well using chubs on 3/8 – 1/2 oz jigs or drop-shotting along gravel slides or mud basins. Anglers finding Walleyes moving back up into weed edges of 12-14’. Casting and ripping #9 Jigging Raps and #3 Shiver Minnows up gravel slides of 40’ to 24’ also producing.

Forecast has warm weather (highs upper 50’s) through Thursday night (11/10), then a major drop with highs of mid 30’s to upper 20’s and lows through Tuesday (11/15) in the upper teens. Warm rain on 11/9-11/10 will bolster surface temps, but cold change with rain and snow will pull those temps down into low 40’s or possibly below.

Good time to hunt big fish…if you’re willing!

Speaking of hunting – The board is up for the Big Buck Contest, stop in to sign up before opening day, November 19th.

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