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Minocqua Area Fishing Report - 12/11/23

Things got a little wet and slippery for a while on the ice as the warm up late last week melted off the light snow from the early part of the week.  That was OK, we didn’t lose ice just that annoying snow cover.  Unfortunately, more snow came in with the drop in temps to cover things back up.  Fishing was fair to good overall, not at all like the previous week, but rarely do we see action that good.


Walleye:  Good-Fair – Jigging raps and spoons still taking fish, just not as aggressive of a bite as earlier.  Tip-ups with medium golden shiners or river shiners still scoring in that 6-10’ of green weeds.  Pre-dawn and dusk best.


Northern Pike:  Good-Fair – Big shiners and suckers on tip-ups tops.  Anglers using Jaw Jackers baited with the same having fun catching on rod and reel.  No big Pike reports this week, but plenty of eaters.


Largemouth Bass:  Good-Fair – Liking the warm up last week.  Flags flying for anglers using medium shiners on tip-ups for Pike.  Plenty others caught by Bluegill and Crappie anglers.


Bluegill:  Good-Fair – Tentative at times, lots of talk of “lookers” but not biting.  When this happens best to go small.  Try a 2.5 mm tungsten tipped with a single red spike or smidge of plastic.  An active presentation draws them in, but once they show up on your locator or camera its best to go small and slow.


Crappies:  Fair – Once again, cautious bite.  While Crappie minnows had been the preferred bait last week, a switch to a smaller, more subdued presentation was needed by the weekend.  One exception was anglers fishing deeper water, 20-25’, there tip-downs with small minnows best.


Yellow Perch:  Fair – Not being targeted, but incidental catches by Crappie and Gill anglers.


Looks as if this cool/warm pattern will persist through Christmas Day.  Luckily the warm just takes the top layer (snow) down, then cold (teens 12/11) firms things back up.  Unfortunately, the cold we need to really build a nice base (12-15”) isn’t in the forecast for the next two weeks.  Walking and checking are safest forms of travel for now, most reports of ice thickness range 3 ½-6”, some North (South facing) shorelines thinner.


Upcoming Tournaments

Jan 6th – 73rd Annual Rib Lake Area Ice Fishing Contest – Rib Lake

Jan 6th – 16th Annual NCO Club & AMVETS Post 724 Ice Fishing Tournament – Lake Nokomis


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