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Minocqua Area Fishing Report - 12/20/21

WHEW! Last week’s “heat wave” (up to 54 degrees) came just in time to save us from certain DOOM! Following the 12” of heavy wet snow from 12/10, the “summer” breeze, rain and wind of 12/15-16 knocked down the slush and snow very nicely. The following cold firmed and built ice up making access to more fishing areas and improved the overall quality of anglers’ outings. While a few Big lakes only have a couple of inches of ice (Fence, Trout) most other lakes reporting 5-10” of ice. Slippery, cleats a necessity, chiseling still smart for untrespassed ice.

Walleye: Very Good – With improved access, anglers able to get out on more areas and do well jigging Rapalas, Tikkas, Rippin Raps as well as Flash Champs, Forage Minnow Spoons and Leech Flutter Spoons tipped with minnow heads, shiners on tip-ups at dusk and after in cabbage of 6-10’. Pre-dawn also offering another chance of action before sun gets too high.

Northern Pike: Very Good – Big shiners on tip-ups doing the trick as lots of nice reports of bigger Pike (tops 37½” on Sunday) in cabbage of 4-10’. Run rigs with blades for added attraction above tip-up bait. Set ups with rods & reels (I-Fish Pro, Jaw Jackers) very fun to fight these crazy fish from under the ice.

Crappie: Very Good – Great reports from anglers using small minnow (rosies, fats) or working small, thin spoons in 6-12’ of water. Good reports of eaters (10-12”) plus big slabs topped by a 15”er. Good bite at dusk!

Bluegill: Very Good-Good – Once wind subsided by Saturday (12/18), anglers reported Gills active in 4-8’ of water taking dark (black, purple, red) jigs tipped with similar colored plastics, beaver tail or red spikes. Nice “eaters” of 7½ - 8½“ with some big bulls to 11”+ reported.

Largemouth Bass: Good – Medium shiners on tip-ups rigged with flouro carbon leaders in 6-10’ cabbage. Anglers “dipping” for Crappies and Gills picking up occasional Bass on spoons tipped with waxies.

Yellow Perch: Good – Mostly #’s of smaller Perch in the shallows, but a few larger (9-11”) to make things interesting. Try baiting up with medium fatheads or small shiners to keep the little guys at bay.

Forecast for this coming week looks good. Below freezing temps except for Friday (12/24) Christmas Eve Day, with a chance of rain, but dropping overnight to the teens should only firm things up better. Expect good travel, but chains on your quad tires, chains on your feet or a pillow on your hinder) are advised.

Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the outdoors with your loved ones.


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