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Minocqua Area Fishing Report - 12/20/22

If we’d had our choice, we would rather have had this week’s weather last week. We could have used some real cold to build our ice base up to support the weight of last week’s rain/snow storm. As it is, we don’t get to choose, so while we didn’t lose ice (still avg 5-9” as of this writing 12/19). We now have to cope with 4-6” of water and slush atop the ice with a couple inches of snow on top for good measure. Ice still accessible, by foot, but not without some effort. While snowmobiles and ATVs have been out on the ice in places, slush tough on tracked vehicles.

Northern Pike: Good – The preferred targeted species this week as setting a few tip-ups and waiting preferred to drilling a bunch of holes, wandering through the slush searching for panfish. Suckers and shiners, the bigger the better. Reports of a better early afternoon bite, probably picked up after the lull of the storm

Crappie: Good – Bite slowed day after storm, yet improved as time passed thru the weekend. Still holding in tall, green weeds of 8-12’. Location in the weeds dependent of barometer. High or very low – Crappies holding tight to bottom. As pressure changes, watch for movement 3 to as much as 8’ off bottom. Crappie minnows on dead sticks or tip-downs. Slow dropping jigs tipped with white, pink, yellow or silver plastic when wind allows.

Walleye: Good – Not like earlier, but still decent. Best on 2-3” suckers or wild golden shiners. Jigging the new Euro Tackle Z-Darters, Clam Tikka Mino and Northland Puppet Minnows tipped with a minnow head (center hook) have also been worth spending time using. Most evening activity in 8-12’, yet a shift to somewhat deeper water of 14-20’ is also occurring.

Perch: Good – Scattered Perch in cabbage flats of 6-8’ taking Vinglas tipped with waxies. Outside weed edges of 12-14’ use VMC Bull Spoons tipped with spikes.

Bluegill: Good-Fair – Most not willing to punch a lot of holes in the slop until it freezes. Till then, use small 2.5-3mm tungsten jigs tipped with waxies or spikes to tempt mid-morning bites from Gills in 6-10’ weeds. Late afternoons have offered up a nice, but short bite window also.

Largemouth Bass: Fair – Hadn’t had many reports. Few targeting. Most caught accidentally jigging for Perch or Gills or on tip-ups for Pike.

We do have some cold nights ahead this week. Hopefully, the sub-zero temps will get down and firm up the layer of slush laying over the ice. Single digit highs for Fri/Sat/Sun should also help. Ice conditions have held at the 5-9” range. Walking is recommended, though there has been some ATV and UTV use out there.

To all of our loyal followers, we hope this Christmas Season finds everyone happy, safe and healthy.


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