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Minocqua Area Fishing Report - 12/7/21

A 9” snowfall and lots of wind 12/5 thru 12/6 shut down what had been a nice start to our ice season. Fortunately, high winds and cold temps (sub zero) made for light snow that in many cases blew off the unsheltered portions of the lakes. This should allow for the cold to work its way in and make some more ice!

Walleye: Very Good-Good – Action (and participation) slowed by Sunday (12/5) but good catches and nice Walleyes even during mid-late afternoons. Jigging rattle baits (Rattlin Raps, Hyper Rattles and Rattlin Google Eyes) and vibration baits (such a Z-Vibers) also effective during these early ice days when Walleyes are the most active. Shiners on tip-ups are the preferred live bait while Eyes are still in the weeds.

Northern Pike: Very Good-Good – Great time to ice some nice Pike in shallower water using big shiners or Pike suckers. Good reports of nice Pike in the 26-34” range. Try jigging a large Slender Spoon tipped with a minnow head on a medium to medium/heavy spinning rod and reel set up for some real fun!

Crappie: Good – Most anglers trying for Crappies finding action in green weeds of 5-8’. Minnows on tip-downs and Lethal Cecils fluttered down to entice action.

Bluegills, Perch, Bass: Few reports, not many anglers targeting.

Ice will still build, but not the way we would like with the snow cover. Walking still the only safe mode of transportation. Spud your way out anywhere you go. Look for 3” of solid clear ice for a safe platform. Many smaller lakes and protected bays have 3-5” as of now with 1-1 ½” of “soft” ice on top. Above all, be safe and use good judgement on the ice.


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