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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

Severe cold weather (temps negative mid-teens to negative mid 20’s) has all but shut down most ice fishing in our area. The few anglers who have ventured out (bravely/foolishly…you pick) have had very little success.

With so few participants and such poor reports all we can really do is hunker down and wait for the cold to break, not worth risking frostbite or broken equipment.

I’ll just rate everything as “Poor” for now. The one positive is this cold should be building more ice, giving us a longer season into March. With ice thickness last reported at 17-20”, expect lots more once you get back out there. Truck travel should be very good. Snow depth may require tracked ATV/UTV or snowmobiles over wheeled ATV/UTV.

Deep basin bites for Crappie and Perch will improve as the thickening ice pushes fish out of the bays for a while.

Looks like we don’t get much of a break until Sunday (2/14) then highs back into the 20’s and better fishing ahead.


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