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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

This has been a very long cold stretch, even by Northwoods standards! Nearly two weeks of sub-zero (-10 to -30 without wind chill factored in), is finally starting to break. Today’s (2/16) highs in teens, weekend in 20’s, low 30’s by early next week will allow anglers to bust out.

Very few anglers have been fishing and those that have, have been struggling. A few reports of Walleyes on off shore humps taking suckers or large fatheads on tip-ups.

The few decent (relative to condition) reports have been from anglers fishing deep water Crappies and Perch and mud flats in 22-30’ of water. Even for these anglers, 4-8 fish on a trip has been tops. Very slow presentations using as small of spoon or tungsten jigs to present red spikes or wigglers have proved best. When using Crappie minnows choose the smallest from your bucket.

While the super cold has built ice thickness (truck travel not a concern anymore) there are many concerns of slush. Not for trucks, but snowmobiles and quad users reporting finding 6-7” of slush on some lakes making travel difficult.

Ice thickness ranging 20” to over 30” depending on lake, snow and slush levels. Extensions are needed on some lakes.

Game fish season ends when the clock strikes midnight on Sunday, March 7th! Three weekends left.


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