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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

Finally, a nice send off to the end of the inland gamefish season here in the Northwoods! Usually, it’s ended with little to get excited about, but this weekend anglers got out for a last chance at Walleye, Northern Pike and Largemouth, all with

good results and some nice reports of large fish (Walleye to 28”, Pike to 39” and Largemouth to 19”).

Now it’s Panfish time!

Bluegills: Very Good – While some anglers still plying the deeper mud flats with success (as proof, an 11” er brought in over weekend), for the most part the shallower 6-10’ weeds doing best as Gills have been slurping up small dark jigs tipped with waxies, beaver tail or plastics (red, pink, purple, brown top colors).

Crappies: Very Good – Tip-down action picking up as mild temps keeping holes open and a little water flow into holes seems to encourage bites! 8-12’ tall, standing weeds best, using #8 Rockers, Little Cecils and Shrimpos to present waxies, plastics (white, yellow, silver, chartreuse) and Beaver Tail as tempters. Deep mud flat Crappies on tip-downs or glow jigs small fatheads (rosies seem to be done for the season). The deep fish bite, while still good, has slowed as fish filtering back into shallows.

Yellow Perch: Good-Very Good – Congregations starting to show over mud flats. Pinhead spoons, Halis and Pimples to get down quickly – wigglers preferred, but very hard to get. Use red spikes or minnow heads if wigglers not available.

Plastics with scent also viable solution.

With ice thickness ranging 24-32” and little snow cover, coming rain and warm temps could eat into thickness. Slush problems from early last week are diminishing as warmth is melting snow cover. Great opportunities for late ice pan fishing in March coming up!


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