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Minocqua Area Fishing Report - 2/28/22

A warming trend over the past weekend made being outside a bit more doable if it wasn’t for the strong winds on Saturday.

Anglers finding travel tougher as deeper snow, and in cases slush, kept many areas off limits to all but snowmobile and tracked vehicles. Those able to get to their favorite spots, or any spots, gave fair reviews for the fishing overall.

Crappie: Fair-Good – Interesting how anglers were finding Crappies relating to both weeds of 8-12’ and out over mud bottoms of 18-30’ and sometimes as deep as 40’. Crappies relating to weeds were caught fairly tight to the bottom, probably high barometer, and lightly taking small jigs tipped with waxies. Deeper basin Crappies found 1-4’ off bottom taking small rosies or #4 glow tungsten jigs tipped with waxies. In either case, Crappies caught from same lakes in these two very different parts of the lakes.

Northern Pike: Fair – Slower than it had been, though anglers still reporting big shiners and suckers best along deeper edges of weeds in 8-12’. The warming trend, if it comes with enough to knock snow down and allow more light under ice, should help by the weekend.

Bluegill: Fair – Light biters over the weekend. Some nice Gills, but anglers worked to get bites using flashy spoons (Slender spoons, Pimples) to draw attention, but needing small dark jigs tipped with moussees and waxies to get bites.

Largemouth Bass: Fair – Actually a bit better than that. On Friday, action on tip-ups was hit and drop! By Saturday Bass were more committed and holding on. Shiners on tip-ups and jigging spoons loaded with waxies or a minnow head best.

Yellow Perch: Fair – Getting tough to get on flats where Perch taking Pimples, Bombs and Halis tipped with wigglers. Some weed Perch, but best out away from weeds over mud of 16-28’.

Walleye: Fair – Hoping for better reports leading up to the inland lake gamefish closure this coming Sunday (3/6) at midnight. Bite improved last week prior to snow, but travel made things tough again, limiting anglers’ opportunities. Suckers suspended over humps covered with sandgrass in 14-20’ best. Dusk and early AM.

With just a week left of the gamefish season, anglers will be targeting Walleyes, Pike and Largemouth Bass this weekend. Forecast for snow/rain would make things even messier, but forecasts change, so no sense in worrying until we get closer.

Don’t forget to carry a shovel, tow strap and a friend with a strong back (and a weak mind) if you plan on exploring off the beaten path.


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