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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

“A Nice Opener”, that’s pretty much what the opinion has been about the start to the 2021 season. Overall good weather (sort of cool in the early AM, a bit windy) but warmed up and well attended!

Lakes out performed Flowages to start the season. The very early ice out caused the Walleye spawn to finish early, with most of those who targeted spawning beds disappointed. On the subject of disappointment, despite the month of open water, weed growth is still sparse, Bad News/Good News – the Good News…it has a way to go, so lots of good May Walleye fishing still to come.

Walleye: Good-Very Good – As earlier stated, some bodies of water, notably the Flowages, were poor. Anglers working lakes had very good success working 6-8’ depths with any type of new weed growth (as hard as it was to find). Using 1/16 oz weedless jigs tipped with Dace, large Fats and large Leeches action never seemed fast, but good catches brough in. On some larger lakes, a rock gravel bite was still going on. A bit larger minnow, black chubs or Walleye suckers were more effective.

Crappies: Good – With air temps hitting upper 70’s, Crappie fishing got better and shallower by the afternoon/evening. Wind made afternoons a bit tough, but those out on the water able to hold did well in 3-5’ depths.

Northern Pike: Good – Active bite on spinner baits, swim baits and jig and chubs. Not a lot of anglers targeting, but as Pike tend to do, they were willing to bite.

Largemouth Bass: Good – Spinner baits worked well as water temps were on the rise Saturday. Still effective on Sunday, but a better bite on plastics such as Wacky Worms and jig/Sweet Beaver combos.

Surface temps moved into the low to mid 50’s with Saturday’s temp. Forecast for more nights in the 30’s, highs in 50’s means temps will probably hover in the upper 40’s – low 50’s, delaying more weed growth, but spreading the bite out this month.


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