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Minocqua Area Fishing Report

Couldn’t shake out o f these cold mornings (mid 20’s to low 30’s) this past week enough to get a good solid bite going. A few afternoons temps rose enough to spark some activity, but overall bites were tough to dig out most days.

Northern Pike: Good-Very Good – Pike like the cool. And when they don’t have to compete with Walleyes, they tend to pick up the slack. While most reports came from anglers jigging minnows or leeches for Walleye, casting spinner baits, chatter baits and jerk baits all picked up some decent action depending on the conditions (artificials worked better as temps rose)!

Crappies: Good-Fair – Wind and cold has been the biggest hurdle. Anglers finding Crappies staging in bays with tall narrow leaf cabbage in 8-14’ of water. With surface temps hovering in the upper 40’s to just over 50 degrees, these fish just are not ready to move in. Most action on slip-bobbers and small minnows. Small plastics will produce better as water warms. When temps reach the upper 50’s (57-59 degrees) the spawning will start!

Walleye: Fair – Cool weather can be blamed for this prolonged, post spawn duldrums. Shallows are not warming up fast enough, nor enough fresh green weed growth to pull bait fish into typical early May zones. It should be coming. There have been signs of Eyes feeding on small Perch, Gills and even leeches, but the better bites have come from a little deeper water of 10-16’ as nightly colds keep the shallows from filling up with life.

Largemouth Bass: Fair – Surprisingly a few more anglers targeting than usual. Black Marabou jigs in 1/16 – 1/8 oz worked over dark bottomed bays in the afternoon. Mid-day, chatter baits and swim baits drawing some weed flat action.

With slowly rising temps starting this Thursday (5/13), look for action for all species to pick up. Mornings in the 40’s warming to 60’s in the afternoon will put anglers and their quarry in a more active mood.


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